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We are Szilvi and Max with our team: Karin and Fritz and we grow many types of garlic organically on our fields in the Swabian Alb. We develop and produce various garlic specialties in our own factory.

We hope you like our products!

It began...

with 10 kilograms of garlic from the health food store. Ursula, the saleswoman, looked at us quite strangely: "We would like 10 kilos of garlic. - Why so much? - Hmmm, we would like to plant the tubers in our field. - OOOK!" The toes were so valuable, we didn't eat any of them. Year after year we replanted everything we harvested. We currently cultivate 16 varieties of organic garlic on 1 hectare.

Crafts that inspire...

One thing can be said: we work constantly. In the field, in the factory, we try out new flavors, ingredients and interesting types of garlic. If we don't have enough, we remodel rooms or tinker with our machines. Even if it sounds like a lot of work, these are exactly the things that make us happy!

Lentils from the Swabian Alb

from Lauterach Alb Field Fruits

The old varieties from the 1940s and 1950s, Späths Alblinse I and Späths Alblinse II, had completely disappeared and were only rediscovered in 2006 in the Vavilow seed bank in St. Petersburg (Russia). In 2007, the farmers in the producer group received a few hundred lentil seeds. These were propagated painstakingly from 2008 to 2011: first in the greenhouse, then under hail protection nets and finally in the open field.

Since 2012, the two historic Alblinse varieties Späths Alblinse I “The Large” and Späths Alblinse II “The Small” have been offered for sale again.

The four types of lentils are grown in the Swabian Alb and in the Alb foothills. Cultivation and processing takes place according to Bioland's strict guidelines.